The Many Benefits of Electronic Door Locks

Improve your home security to give yourself additional peace of mind by installing electronic door locks. At the most basic level, these devices allow you to access your home without a key using an access code. When you connect wireless door locks to your home automation system, they grant a number of other benefits, including remote entry and increased security.459838_35454449

No Need for Keys

Making the switch to electronic door locks allows you to move beyond the conventional key-and-lock paradigm. While electronic door locks still permit keyed access, the entry code is enough to disengage the deadbolt. Keyless entry prevents the inconvenience and security risk of lost keys, and it also eliminates the need to hide a spare key somewhere around the home.

Shared Access

With the keyless entry system offered by electronic door locks, you no longer need to create a spare key when you want to give someone access to your home. Simply share the code for the keyless entry system, and access is granted. These custom codes also allow you to track who enters your home when the lock is connected to your home automation system or home security system. Create multiple unique codes for multiple users. This makes it easy for you to provide temporary access when needed.

Remote Entry

When you connect your electronic door locks to your home automation system, you enjoy another benefit: remotely locking and unlocking your home. If kids come home early from school or neighbors need to enter the home in an emergency, remote entry allows you to unlock the door. If you leave in the morning and forget to lock up, simply engage the locks using your mobile device.

Ease of Use

IMG_0231_2High-quality electronic door locks come with a host of additional features that reward your investment. Illuminated keypads make entering the access code simple no matter the time of day. The locks are easy to install and offer notifications when the batteries run low. Durability in extreme weather conditions also ensures your home security stays intact year-round.

Remove many home security worries by installing electronic door locks. Ensure you control access and entry into your home no matter where you are with remote access. Plus, keep track of who has access to your home and when they take advantage of the privilege when you connect the locks to your home automation system.