Remote Access Via a Mobile Security App Offers Convenience in an On-the-go World

Parents with baby and mother with cell phone 89791804Between work, hauling around the kids and other activities, sometimes you have to be out and about all day long. In an on-the-go world, remote access to your home security system is essential. With a mobile security app, you enjoy peace of mind and the ability to access and control your system without having to go home.


Gain remote access to your home security system from anywhere in the world by downloading the mobile security app. This app is compatible with most computers, tablets, android devices, iPhones, iPads and iPods. The mobile security app is free, and gives you remote access as long as you can connect to an Internet connection or satellite.


Not only does remote access give you the ability to control your system while you are away from home, the mobile security app also sends you texts and emails when events happen. Set up real-time alerts that come to you via email or text, such as an alert for when the kids get home from school. These messages keep you informed about the happenings of your home no matter where you are physically.


Remote home control 178895291With the mobile security app, check on your cameras, house lighting, security system, thermostat and more right from your smartphone. You also have the option to make sure off-limits areas of your home, such as the gun or liquor cabinet, are not being tampered with when you are not there. Lock or unlock your doors for your guests, or watch live video to check on your pets, kids or elderly family members.


Remote access to your system through a mobile security app saves you money. No longer is it necessary to waste the gas driving across town to check on your house as everything you need is at your fingertips. In addition, the ability to control your thermostat allows you to raise and lower the temperature in your home in the most energy-efficient fashion. For example, in warmer outdoor temperatures, keep it cool in your house while you are there, but raise the temperature when you are gone.