The Benefits and Features of Remote Video Surveillance and Remotely Controlled Cameras

Adding remote video surveillance to your home’s security system is a wise investment, letting you keep watch of your home at all times. Remote access allows you to watch live streaming security footage via a mobile app on your smartphone, tablet or computer, and top-notch systems even let you view and archive videos using cloud storage. C136169892-home-automationomplete your security system with wireless cameras to easily watch every area of your home.

Remote Access of Surveillance Footage

A Web-based video surveillance system lets you access your cameras remotely, allowing you to keep an eye on children, pets, elderly relatives or nannies while you are away. Advanced security cameras record clips of video whenever they detect motion and notify you with a text or email containing the clip, allowing you to assess potentially hazardous situations from a safe distance. Additionally, a high-quality video surveillance system lets you access up to six cameras and offers firewall-friendly video streaming for easy viewing.

Cloud Storage Services

Store your important security footage safely with a cloud video storage service that seamlessly integrates with the rest of your video surveillance system. This type of service encrypts your footage on secure servers to ensure only you have access to it, and it continuously saves and stores your videos, allowing you to watch them at your convenience. Look for a service with streaming views, sizing capabilities and an easy-to-use interface.

Indoor and Outdoor Versatility

High-quality wireless security cameras offer high-resolution video for a clear view, no matter the placement of any individual camera. While indoor security cameras are ideal near key locations such as gun safes, medicine cabinets or near valuables, you might also place cameras outdoors as a part of your security system. For locations such as a pool, yard or front porch, rugged outdoor security cameras record video day and night with features such as infrared LED and built-in light sensors for clear night vision. Save energy by programming your outdoor security camera to turn on only when motion is detected or during a certain time of day.

Pan and Tilt Video Cameras

cameras-160997702A high-quality pan and tilt video camera provides a pan range of up to 300 degrees and a tilt range of up to 120 degrees, offering you a 53-degree viewing angle. A motion detector triggers an alarm whenever movement is detected, and a privacy button allows you to enable and disable video recording. Indoor and outdoor pan and tilt video cameras allow you to keep an eye on kids or examine your home from anywhere, and remote access via your mobile app allows you to control the pan and tilt features to view a larger area.

Remote video surveillance allows you to monitor your home and loved ones. Additionally, wireless security cameras capture valuable evidence if you were to ever experience an intrusion. Implement a video surveillance system in your home as an investment in your safety and peace of mind.